80s print cloth face mask (non medical)
80s print cloth face mask (non medical)

80s print cloth face mask (non medical)

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There is evidence that suggests that wearing masks, even homemade ones from pillowcases or t-shirts, might help prevent the spread of the coronavirus. A homemade mask seems to be better than nothing, but is less effective than a surgical mask, which is less effective than an N95 mask. (NYTimes, Boston Globe, full sources)

The first priority is to manufacture N95 and surgical masks for our healthcare workers. However, our US-based manufacturer is not qualified to make medical masks.

What we can do is make non-medical, non-N95 cloth face masks out of our existing micropoly fabric for our customers. With the current pandemic, I think it's our responsibility to do what we can to help, and this is what we can do.

$1 per 3 masks sold will be donated to Flexport.org, a shipping company that's getting personal protective equipment (PPE) to the front lines in the US.


  • You must wash your masks after every wear to prevent the risk of contamination
  • Do not allow these masks to give you a false sense of security.
    • They should be used in addition to social distancing, hand washing, and local / state / federal / science-based recommendations.
  • These masks are non-medical, non-N95 are not approved for medical use whatsoever

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    The Face Mask 

    • 100% made on-demand in the USA (we do not have inventory and are not hoarding masks to resell)
    • Printed with non-toxic, water-based ink
    • Anti-microbial, micro-poly, moisture-wicking fabric
    • Contoured and adjusted for a comfortable fit

    Custom-made in LA, special for you

    • We craft everything by hand in Los Angeles, after you order — please add 1-2 weeks of order production to your shipping time.
    • NOTE: because of intense demand, production time will be closer to 2 weeks before we can ship them out!
    • 94% of our customers approve of on-demand manufacturing...help us support high-quality, eco-friendly, ethical, USA-based manufacturing!
    • 1-2 weeks of made-to-order production, additional 3-5 days for shipping
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