Public Space is a nostalgia, vaporwave, and fandom clothing brand. We work with artists to design one-of-a-kind designs that are printed on hoodies, t-shirts, hats, joggers, swimsuits, and a wide variety of other garments, all on-demand. We have a devoted fanbase of 100k+ on Instagram, Facebook, and email.

We're looking for a talented part-time social media manager to help us completely revamp our Instagram and Facebook pages. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to create and solidify the Public Space aesthetic tone on social media, as well as create a strategy for growing followers and engagement. We’re looking for people with exceptional aesthetic taste, social media growth instincts, and strong organizational skills.

Age will absolutely not be a factor in our hiring decisions. We have team members still in high school and team members who are parents. Taste, skill, ambition, and kindness are what we look for.


  • Create a unifying aesthetic, tone, and mood for our Instagram that fits in with our existing products.
  • Source art, photography, and videos to post on our Instagram / Facebook page.
  • Create and implement a strategy for organically growing the followers and engagement on our social media through creative, out-of-the-box strategies.
  • Creating a posting schedule and then posting on our social media channels.
  • Monitor and respond to Influencer inquiries / customer comments.
  • If you also have ideas of your own for designs / art on our garments -- well, that would be amazing. For your own designs, you'll be compensated at the same rate as our artists.
  • Part-time, between 4 – 10 hours a week


  • A strong and devoted passion to Public Space's subject matter: nostalgia, vaporwave, and fandom. This is incredibly important, as passion and a love for the brand always comes through to our audience!
  • Deep, intuitive understanding of Instagram, brand aesthetic, and social media growth.
  • An ability to listen to and incorporate feedback while still maintaining one's own point-of-view.

Who will succeed in this role:

  • We've had the most success with artists and designers who are:
    • 1) incredibly passionate about the work
    • 2) able to balance our feedback with their own vision
    • 3) have the required skills to see their vision to come to life.
  • The person who will succeed in this position has exceptional taste, growth instincts, and a deep passion for our subject matter.
  • You do not necessarily need to have previous formal experience in fashion or social media for this.

To apply:

  • Email any examples of past or current social media work (or something that exists on the Internet that you made grow), and your resume (if you have one) to
  • In the email, please share with us your passion and taste for nostalgia / vaporwave / fandom by creating a Pinterest mood board of your favorite clothing, art, artists, graphic designs, anime, nostalgia items, etc. etc....anything that shows us your passion and taste in the subject matter of graphic clothing and fandom. Play, have fun, and allow your personality to shine through this!
  • Finally, in the email, please let us know the first 3 things you would do to our Instagram to increase engagement / followers.
  • Please use this for the subject line: PS SOCIAL MEDIA -- [YOUR NAME]

So excited to see your work. Thank you for your time!

Eric Wu and Tammy Chow