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I had been watching this sweatshirt for months eagerly anticipating when my funds were in the proper place to cop the most 80's thing I could find on this dreamland of a website! When I got this swiftly in the mail and went into my room to open it up, I was slapped in the face with the most QUALITY MATERIAL I've ever felt and seen on anything I had in my wardrobe! I was so impressed with how authentic it looked in real life and how perfect the design was. This sweatshirt is definitely a HEAD-TURNER you will not be able to go anywhere without someone complimenting you on how retro it looks and asking "where did you get it from?" I was beyond satisfied with my purchase and can honestly say this abstract 1986 retro vintage masterpiece was worth EVERY PENNY!

Yummy clothes

Bought 2 pieces from here. Looking forward to buying more

Great quality and super quick

I thought I would have to be waiting for a long time but nope. Only a couple of weeks and I received the item. And I love how it feels.

Nice tee

Unique & cool shirt. Also it fits well on tall Male. Will buy more attire in our future.

🔥 🔥 🔥

This jaunt is 100% guaranteed fire. The material fire. Fit, fire. Design??? Muhfuckin FIRE. Wasn't expecting this tbh but hot damn ima have to cop everything else.

Great Design, Great Shirt.

As someone getting into the field of art, I found this shirt to be quite fitting. Nice retro design, for a product well older than I myself am. Everything is in swell order here, except maybe my own Photoshop documents.

10/10 Hoodie with Amazing Design!

I am broad shouldered with long arms and this hoodie fits me perfectly! Material is stretchy enough not to be restricting and is warm, yet breathable. The printed design is bold and sharp, very eye catching! I would definitely recommend this hoodie and others like it!


Need more options!

Loved this hoodie, I got the ssj god Vegeta and blue Goku ones and I love them. The material makes it easy to clean. The only complaint I have is I wish you made more versions

Make an ultra instinct Goku Manga one
And piccolo, Jiren, hit, etc and I’ll keep grabbing more!

Great hoodie

I got the legend of zelda hoodie and I love it. Very warm, colors look great. It fits true to size, so while you may want to size up, definitely dont size down.

I love this hoodie

This hoodies design is amazing and it’s comfortable and it just matches my vibes

Kodak Hoodie

I purchased this hoodie for my boyfriend, who loved it! He wears a size medium and the hoodie fit as expected. The soft material was nice and super soft. So far the quality seems to be good. Overall great product.

If any issues????

A two time buyer no issues at all fit great understanding price for what I ask for!!!


Looks deadly

Very nice

The sweatshirt is very warm, and the design looks very crisp. This is made out of pretty standard material and feels like a regular sweatshirt. It will shrink a bit, but it's still sick af

Looking fresh

This sweatshirt turned out even better than I hoped. The material is nice, it's warm, and overall a great buy. The green is much lighter in person, but it looks great


I've been looking for a sonic hoodie with an amazing design for a long time & to finally found one on this website along with numerous other great designs is amazing. I'm so glad my friend told me about this website


The print is vibrant, the black is luxurious, and it feels like a lightweight hug. Beautiful clothes from an amazing brand.

dope as hell

literally had someone compliment me less than an hour after first wearing it. the design’s super dope and the sweatshirt is real comfy. definitely will return to this company :-)

Awesome hoodie!

Love this hoodie! Design is awesome, it’s super soft and comfy, and it looks great. Definitely recommend this hoodie!

Luv the sweatshirt !!!

It's my daughter's favorite sweatshirt. She got it for your birthday. It fits great.

second hoodie i bought

the hoodie feels really good and it looks awesome. they make really good designs. so I'm really looking forward to purchasing more products from here. BTW the hoodies are really high quality unlike redbubble.

it looks and feels really good

i mean what can i say it looks and feels really good although delivery could be better. i will definitely buy more stuff from here

Super comfy!

Got this sweatshirt amazingly quick after ordering. This thing is incredibly comfy, and brings out so many compliments. People are always loving it. I love looking like an 80's paper cup.

Lugia da drip god

Drippin like a legendary Pokémon now I love Lugia and I love this hoodie , this hoodie a pussy magnet