mizucat interview

Tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Jaqueline and I am a 25-year-old, self-employed Artist from Germany.

I did vocational training as a Media Designer which helped me to improve my skills and artwork.

My name "Mizucat" comes from a combination of my love for cats, in combination with the water element of my zodiac sign Pisces.

How and when did you start getting into digital illustration? Do you work in other mediums as well?

I started drawing digitally in 2009 but I was always mainly a traditional artist for as long as I can remember

When I started Mizucat as my Business in 2016 and started taking commissions, I somehow ended up drawing digitally as it was easier and better to use in combination with fonts and layouts for records, CDs, etc.

Now I feel so confident with it that I rarely work on using other mediums. But whenever I feel like it, I like to sketch on paper or paint on canvas.

Where do you find inspiration?

Especially in music, anime, and fashion from the 80s. I love looking at old advertisings for cars and/or fashion.

But my main inspiration is Japanese illustrators from the 80s.

What other genres of art do you like?

Render/3D art is a big deal at the moment and I discovered many amazing artists recently.

It really blows my mind how complex it is and that people have the patience to create big masterpieces.

I also love pixel art which I also have been trying out recently. In a more Abstract way though.

And not to forget, "Glitch" Art made with real CRTs and a "Glitch Machine“.

What artists do you follow?

When it comes to 3D/Render art, one of my current favorite artists is @dennybusyet.

And an example of the "Glitch Art" would be @tv_pictures and @polygon1993

@mr.melville is also a great digital artist. Makes my 80s dreams come true!

Do you have any other hobbies you love?

I love making music as well, especially on piano. I play the piano since I was 3 years old.

So art and music are always the most important things for me.

Do you listen to music while you create? What do you listen to?

I always listen to music while I create. I can’t be creative without it.

I mainly listen to Synthwave, Vaporwave, Future Funk, or different original tracks from the 80s.

If you could live in any year, what year would you choose and why?

Sometime between the 80-90s, I guess. I know certain things were better than now, but on the other side, there are certain things better now than back then. So it’s really hard to tell if I would prefer to live in that timeframe. But I really miss when the time was slower, simpler and people were happier. I’m not happy with the current situation.