Brand Ambassadors

Brand Ambassador Program

Do you want exclusive discounts and get paid a percentage of each sale? Read on.

A lot of our customers want to represent our brand, and we've figured out a win-win way to do that.

Brand Ambassador Benefits

  • 35% off all items (subject to change, so sign up fast!)
  • Receive 15% off discount code for you to share with friends and your audience
  • For every purchase made with your code, you'll receive 20% of the sale price in cash (subject to change, so sign up fast!)
    • Paid every 3 months using PayPal

Brand Ambassador Requirements

  • At least 1,000 followers on Instagram
  • Active audience + engagement with your audience
  • Account must be public
  • You must post at least once a month

How It Works

  1. We'll give you a personalized discount code for you to share with friends, family, and your audience on Instagram / Facebook / Tumblr.
  2. For every purchase made, we'll give you 20% of the sale price. You can email us at to check to see how much you've made. We've had ambassadors make over $1,000 a month before!
  3. Every three months, we'll PayPal you your balance. Keep in mind, the 20% affiliate fee is introductory and subject to change, so get the word out fast!

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